Meet Fred. The World’s First AI Trial Scientist.

When it comes to studying your case, Fred's your new secret weapon. His insightful online focus groups give you a window into the minds of jurors, so you can build a winning case strategy. In the high-stakes world of litigation, knowledge is power. Fred's online jury focus groups arm you with an understanding of juror attitudes and decision-making processes that you need to succeed.

Want to Know More about Your Case? Ask Fred.

We poured our passion and expertise into building Fred - an intuitive, powerful online platform that empowers attorneys to gain deep, actionable insights from real jurors. With Fred, gone are the days of guesswork and uncertainty. Instead, you can simply enter the details of your case into our sophisticated system and receive a helpful analysis that sheds light on how jurors are likely to react to your arguments, witnesses, and evidence.

Asking Fred is Simple.

The online platform makes it easy to set up your case, include all the details, and get Fred running.

Getting Answers from Fred is Easy.

In a matter of days, you will receive a detailed report, that gives you your win rate, range of damage awards, and insight about your evidence. Simple.

Fight for Justice with Fred.

At the heart of Fred's effectiveness are our carefully curated online focus groups, made up of real individuals. Guided by Fred's expertly crafted questions and platform, these focus group participants provide candid feedback that gets to the core of how jurors think and what factors matter in their decision-making.

Armed with this knowledge, you can refine your case narrative, anticipate, and defuse potential weaknesses, and craft a strategy that truly resonates with the people in the box. In fact, with Fred, you can:

Find what evidence supports your case

Learn what percentage of jurors find for your client

Gain insights into how the jury sees damages

Explore and identify critical case themes

Fred’s Origin Story

When we created Fred, our goal was to revolutionize the way attorneys prepare for trial by providing them with unprecedented access to the insights and opinions of potential jurors. Armed with years of experience conducting big data studies for attorneys, we wanted to build a platform powered by AI, software, and a decade honing our craft.

We understood the frustration that many lawyers feel when crucial information about how jurors might perceive their case seems just out of reach. It's a common problem: you have a compelling argument and strong evidence, but without a clear understanding of the thought processes of the people who will ultimately decide your client's fate, it's impossible to tailor your strategy for maximum impact. And it is impossible to break free of the echo chamber that keeps so many lawyers from getting the best results possible.

Fred can help you find what works in your case;

Fred can help you identify what you must improve;

Fred can help you decide if your case is one for trial, or better suited for settlement;

Fred can arm you with information that your opponent doesn’t have and doesn’t know how to get.

Who Can Fred Help?

Fred is for any attorney who wants objective, precise insights into their case. It is particularly helpful to use when shaping a case for discovery, getting ready for mediation, or when you just aren’t sure how likely you client is to win. Because Fred leverages AI and state-of-art, one-of-a-kind software, it is also ideal for cases that might not have the budget for big data studies but are bound for trial.

With Fred, the path to justice has never been clearer.

This technology can aid both plaintiff and defense attorneys and has important implications for mediators.

Ready to Focus with Fred?

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